iGuide Accelerating Digital Transformation




iGuide Mobile Applications Ltd., is a software development company specialising in the development of mobile, integration, newspaper production systems and content management solutions. Founded in 2010, the Dublin based company, who is an Enterprise Ireland supported client, has developed a strong client base across many industry sectors.


In an age of growing digital mobility, iGuide empowers our clients and partners to deploy mobile optimised solutions which connect diverse systems into one interface delivering a seamless digital transformation.   Our goal is to deliver client focused mobile integrated solutions that will:


  • improve productivity,
  • create realtime engagement
  • leading to improved profitability.


Our existing client relationships demonstrate the diversity of the industries we service. Our focus is about evolving our client mobilisation increasing efficiencies, profits and customer service.

Critical to this level of engagement, is an experienced team who live by our core values to build long term relationships which connect and enhance all elements of our client brand and business process.


For Example iGuide:airport

Ensure Dublin Airport monitor 60,000 fire sensors through our smartphone app.

Foodcloud use our platform to help Tesco, Aldi & Lidl donate millions of meals to the needy across the UK and Ireland, handling all logistics through their smartphone app.

Completely manage the production of a 70,000 circulation, weekly publication and subscription payments of all of its digital channels for the Farmers Journal.