Gyproc Client Marketing App

Gyproc Client Marketing App

Client Engagement App

Launch in Q4 2016

To build a mobile application designed for Gyproc that allows Gyproc’s clients and associates (Initially 50 – 60) a range of services which enhance the Brand experience of Gyproc and increase engagement within the building community, especially plasterers. This engagement to be communicated through a Smartphone and Tablet app on iOS (iPhone) and Android that informs engages and entertains the users with innovative interactions.




Phase 1 – Launch Requirements

Sign Up & Login: Initially private limited circulation Smartphone Application with verification code required to sign up on first login


  • Offering a range of services unique to Gyproc Ireland
  • Customer Care solution
  • Product reviews
  • Social events
  • Feedback and engagement programmes



Phase 2 – Extension

Will host a number of innovative solutions and expansion within their network.