125th Street BID Harlem

125th Street BID Harlem

Harlem Happenings, Connect the dots


About the Neighborhood

Harlem is a major tourist destination in New York City. 125th Street is Harlem’s major economic engine and it continues to lead the way in economic growth in the community. Rich in history, famous for its cultural institutions, recognized for its arts, and respected for its many great leaders, Harlem is well known as a diverse community of African-Americans, Caribbeans, Latinos, and Africans. It is internationally known for its literature, music, dance, sports, and arts.


125th Street is Harlem’s main shopping district. The 125th Street Business Improvement District (BID) is located in the heart of Central, East and West Harlem. It incorporates the owners of over 100 properties on both sides of 125th Street between Morningside and Fifth Avenues.


Harlem Layout


The Requirement

To develop a suite of native mobile applications which would be an everyday tool for the visitors and locals to the 125th Street BID area. The Apps had to be Geo-Located. Provide live and up to date information to locals and visitors in Harlem. Be rich and modern, but also to pay homage to Harlem’s historical past and culture.


Our Solution

‘Connect The Dots’ campaign delivers cross-promotional experiences, generates greater member involvement with consumers and produce a pairing system that allows individuals to plan their visit to the neighbourhood. Central to the App is the ‘The seven dots’ framework  Shop, Dine, Entertain, Educate, Culture, What’s New and Health – represent what 125th Street has to offer.

125th Street BID Harlem Happenings App is a multi functional tool which uses live data that allows the BID to deliver a mobile solution that is immediate, personalized, and location relevant. It allows the user to find, locate and avail themselves of a range of unique services and promotions such as: live shows, entertainment, accommodations, in-store deals, BID programs, and more. With an easy to use CMS system feeding both the web site and app combined with valuable reporting data regarding usage levels, user profiles and consumer interests, this solution provides the businesses in Harlem with the tools to better engage and communicate with their residents and visitors.