Like all technology mobile analytics keep on advancing to new heights. At iGuide we keep our clients aware of developments to keep our you informed and up to date on the latest analytical developments.

Experience shows most clients have similar requirements that tend to be inline with the following:


Data Analytics and Reporting System that at a minimum provide:

  • analytics-2Analyses of the data from your smartphone app on an hourly, daily / weekly/monthly/ basis
  • Including the most visited sections of the App
  • The pages most viewed and the figures for every single listing.
  • Usage comparisons (Android versus IOS)
  • Social media share


Our dashboard gives you full details of all activity.


Dashboard with Navigation





The range of reports including but not limited to:

  • Usage
  • Sessions
  • Frequency
  • Retention
  • Audience
  • App Destinations
  • User Acquisition
  • Events
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Much more


Additional data analytics can be designed to meet each firms individual requirements. There are many parameters so the following outline give you a flavour of what’s available.

This is a typical Audience Dashboard showing age profile, gender, language and country of origin in one screen.


Audience Dashboard


Downloading a CSV file allows you to import the data into an excel spreadsheet and analyse the data to specific forms that suite your requirements. Examples of this are on the folowing page.


User Sessions Per Day

We outline the number of individual user sessions per day which can be displayed in any form that works for you. In bar charts as above or line graphs, pie charts and more. The time line can be narrowed or expanded to highligh campaign or requirement programmes. The reports can be run for days, weeks or months.


Segment analyses by gender



As seen above this session outlines the male female breakdown as of a campaign in a timeline. This can be expanded or compared with many other parameters.

These tools allow you to qualify the exact reason for fine tuning your smartphone applications.