Our Content Management Systems are fully customised to fit the unique requirements of each client in a mobile age. We help organisations connect to their clients in a personal way at the right time and location with the relevent information. At the same time we reduce overhead costs of data management and enhance their overall operational efficiency. Our solution, built on the iGuide platform, enables the client to remotely control all key elements of data management.


  • Store
  • CMS Design & Development
  • Publish
  • Index & search
  • Duplication
  • Share
  • Archive
  • Process
  • Manage
  • eCommerce & mCommerce


This platform allows us to deliver a rich online and mobile experience inline with each clients brand values.


The iGuide Platform “The Benefits”

  • Allows users to connect with places, people & activities
  • Ensures central brand management & Control
  • Push Notifications. A dynamic real time marketing tool
  • Loyalty programmes, engagement & promotional tools
  • Generate new economic & cultural benefits
  • Value added revenue generating opportunities
  • Provides Reach into vast base of consumers
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Effortless route to e-marketing & social media
  • Connectivity into existing systems & data sources
  • CMS tool allows real-time update to listings without requiring any technical skill



Multiple Examples: 125th Street, Harlem. Dublin Town, Experience Guildford.