The way the consumer is shopping has changed. 84% of shoppers are using their phones to compare prices, browse products, look at reviews, product information and access promotional offers while in store.  We deliver a smartphone applications which combines all of the relevant GEO located information to enhance the shopping and brand experience in shopping centres, high streets or use an out of town retail park.



This iRetail solution is a smartphone and web based technology which delivers a comprehensive location specific guide relating to all things retail. The tool provides information regarding the shopping destination, the stores, the offers, entertainment, events, dining, parking & loyalty programmes. It allows the retailer to promote their product or service through a range of tools including: geo fencing solutions, push notifications, showcasing, QR codes etc. Combined with valuable analytical information regarding the consumer and their behaviour, this solution delivers real competitive advantage to the retailer. 



  • Allows the consumer to search for, find and connect with stores, product and amenities within a shopping location
  • Central Source of information relating to a specific shopping location
  • 3D Mapping and navigations system
  • Central Brand Management and Control
  • Promotional Tools, push notifications, product showcasing, QR Codes
  • Tool to manage loyalty schemes
  • Comprehensive analytical information 
  • Effortless route to e-marketing & social media
  • CMS tool to allow retailers update real-time listings, products and promotions