iLoyalty is a mobile platform that delivers a world of coupons and offers into the hands of those shoppers who pass through your location, at the right place at the right time. Currently running on UK high-streets it allows you to focus on where the  customer is to give a unique personalised service. With compelling statistics demonstrating that loyalty initiatives are critical to the engagement and loyalty of the consumer, our iLoyalty app provides an enhanced digital programme to ensure the consumer are actively encouraged to engage with retailers. 



Our aim was to develop a mobile loyalty programme which will help generate revenue for its stakeholders whilst bring them closer to the consumer. Our mobile loyalty platform is a client engagement programme that generates revenue for stakeholders and brings you closer to your clients.

It takes loyalty cards to the smart phone. Allows more strategic targeting of your audience offering relevant immediate choice, immediate directions at the right place and time bringing immediate results.





Customers receive alerts of deals, special sales and flash sales or any activity in a retail store or highstreet location.



iLoyalty programme

  • You always remain in control of the content
  • Updateable by the store or engaged stakeholders
  • Intuitive easy to use programme
  • Can input text, video or images
  • Can use specific real-time lines for alerts
  • Can engage with Geo-fence push messaging
  • Can be combined with iBeacon technology 
  • You can set your own categories
  • Latest offers
  • Entertainment
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Corporate services
  • Sport services




In the iLoyalty programme deals displayed can be in alphabetical order, locations specific (Nearest to you), by category or search by firm.























The App also works with Geo-fencing targeting a push message within a mile, 500 yards or a 100 yard radius located by GPS. Real time information.






Beacons allow you to target a push message in store within a few feet or a few inches of a location reaching where GPS cannot.


The Content Management System (CMS) allows you or your clients to stay in control.