A mobile Asset Managment Tool that supports the smooth and effecient running of your property, organisation, production facility. Alerting, recording and managing all issues relating to your asset, allows for the delivery of immediate relevant information to the teams ensuring increased production, health and safety and communication.



Access to a platform which distributes relevant information regarding a location, a building or a facility can change the way in which we work and deliver increased efficiency. We developed the iAsset solution to empower the user to make quick, informed decisions regarding their work environment improving productivity, safety and reducing cost.



Our iAsset solution delivers a mobile solution which acts as a private communications channel and database allowing the stakeholders access to relevant information regarding the organisation, facility or location.  Supported on both iOS and Android platforms the system delivers a truly mobilised stakeholder, it can:

Report a problem, (alarms, graffiti, production issues, damage)

Provide precise location specific information regarding the issue

Provide updates and a point of interaction for all responsible individuals

Build comprehensive profile and history associated to notifications



  • Provide 360° view of location, facility or group members
  • Immediate notification of Alarms, Production Issues, Health & Safety Concerns etc.
  • End to end communications & engagement channel
  • Scheduling & storing all ongoing & historical information
  • Geo-Fencing and Beacon integration options
  • Fully interactive
  • Hosted in Cloud service, designed to meet future needs
  • Push messaging for time and location specific engagement


Can interface with any number of systems

With comprehensive reporting of issues, activity levels, timelines, history



Our team of fire and safety personnel now have a mobile app which delivers real-time fire alarm information regarding an issue, its location and the timelines. This mobile tool is integrated into our Chub control system and has significantly increased level of safety, response times and efficiency delivered by our team to help make the airport a safer place. Our experience from the design stage right through to the deployment of the system has been painless and the solution itself is truly a perfect example of mobilisation at its best.  Declan Collins Head of Safety Operations, DAA.