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Foodcloud helps businesses redistribute their surplus food to people who need it. With a clear perspective on how food waste can be better managed, the concept for FoodCloud was identified early in 2012. Now, with strategic partnerships with Idle and Tesco UK & Ireland, the scale of this initiative has continued to grow and critical to this was the scalability of the technical solution which provides the back-bone of their business model.




Developed on the iGuide framework the solution has been deployed for the following platforms. Android, iPhone, iPad and Android Tablets. The Foodcloud App, is the enabling tool allowing food suppliers upload details of their surplus food, this data is then collated and distributed by a simple text message to all registered community groups and charities. Foodcloud has enabled over 1,849 tonnes of surplus food and 4,069, 479 meals be donated to charities and local community groups in the UK and Ireland.